UPS Systems

(Uninterruptible Power Supply)

A UPS is designed to provide clean, stable power to critical loads in the event of other power sources failing or not being available. In the event of a disruption to input power, the UPS will provide near-instantaneous protection for mission critical applications in the form of energy stored in batteries.

Drensky is a distributor of Delta, AEC, Tower and EDS UPS systems across Africa. We provide a complete solution from 650VA to 5MVA UPS solutions.

We offer services to assess your requirements and provide an effective solution as well as offering 24 hour monitoring of the systems supplied.

Whether you need a fully-monitored solution or simply a stand-alone system we can provide the most appropriate equipment for your needs. We also offer after-sales service along with annual and bi-annual maintenance contracts.

The types of UPS solutions available are :

  • Single Phase –
    • Off-Line UPS
      • Line Interactive UPS
      • On-Line UPS
  • 3 Phase –
    • On-Line UPS
  • Multiple Runtime Options from minutes through to hours

Some of the most common brands of UPS Systems that we offer include :


UPS Systems

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