Inverter Solutions

An inverter is designed to convert DC power into standard AC power in order to charge and run equipment and appliances. An inverter is powered by batteries which are charged from the main power grid, or via solar, generator or any other conventional power supply source.

In the event of a disruption to input power, the inverter will provide power to the connected devices in the form of energy stored in the batteries.

Drensky can assess your requirements and provide an effective solution for your alternate power requirements.

With many of the inverter solutions we supply, 24-hour monitoring of the systems supplied is available and we also offer after-sales service along with annual and bi-annual maintenance contracts.

The types of inverter solutions we offer are :
• Battery Backup Inverter Solutions
• Inverters for Solar Solutions
• Inverters with Generator Control
• Grid Tied Inverters
• DC Coupled Inverters
• AC Coupled Inverters
• Hybrid Inverters
• Off Grid Inverters
• Plug and Play Inverter Solutions

Some of the most common brands of Inverter equipment that we offer include :


Solar Inverters

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