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Drensky Technologies is your one-stop shop for top-tier solar solutions in South Africa.

We take pride in understanding your unique energy needs and designing a custom solar system that’s reliable and efficient.

Why go solar?

  • Slash electricity bills: Generate clean, renewable energy from your rooftop and significantly reduce your dependence on the national grid, leading to substantial savings on your monthly electricity costs.
  • Become energy independent: With battery backup options, you can achieve a level of energy independence, ensuring power even during outages.
  • Sustainable choice: Solar energy is a clean and eco-friendly alternative.
  • Peace of mind: We use only the highest quality equipment, expertly installed to meet all local and national regulations. We back it up with comprehensive after-sales and maintenance services for long-lasting performance.
  • Experienced and trusted: Since 2006, we’ve been delivering successful solar installations for homes and businesses of all sizes across South Africa.

Solar solutions designed around you

We offer a variety of solar system types to best suit your needs:

  • Grid-Tied: Connect directly to the national grid for a cost-effective solution.
  • Hybrid: Combine solar power with grid connection for added security and flexibility.
  • Off-Grid: Generate all your power needs from your solar system, ideal for remote locations.
  • Customised Systems: We can incorporate generator and battery backup options to tailor your system for ultimate energy independence.

Financing available

Don’t let upfront costs hold you back. We offer financing options to make your transition to solar power smooth and affordable.

We supply and install market-leading solar solutions

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