Surge & Lightning Protection

Surge Protection

A surge protector or arrestor is an electrical device typically installed in power distribution panels, process control systems, communications systems and other heavy-duty industrial systems in order to prevent damage to equipment in the event of power surges and spikes. This includes surges caused by lightning.

Building and industrial installations throughout the world have different requirements for lightning and surge protection in their power supply units. Generally, high-capacity lightning arrester combinations of the protection levels type 1 and type 2 are the initial basis for the current supply.

Drensky supplies and installs the Phoenix Contact range of surge arrestors. These have professional surge protection structured according to the application, be it power supply units, data interfaces or other applications. These units provide some of the best protection on the market. 

Earthing – Structural & Equipment Protection

Drensky offers structural earthing as well as electronic equipment protection solutions in terms of SANS62305 regulations.

Lightning is a natural phenomenon that has an unpredictable strike location, therefore in creating an external Lightning Protection System (LPS), it is possible to minimise the harmful effects to a structure and its contents.

It is accepted practice to install lightning protection masts near or on structures which have contents of high value or a large staff compliment.

The design and installation of the LPS must comply with SABS / IEC codes. The system established from these standards must shield the structure or building, its occupants and equipment from the adverse effects associated with a lightning strike. These effects could otherwise result in fire, structural damage and electrical interference or damage.

The protection against lightning is generally provided by lightning masts. Lightning masts provide a preferential point of strike and conductive paths for lightning currents to follow. This diverts the current away from the structure and not through it.


Surge Protection Information

Surge Protection Information

How Surge Protection Works

Effective surge protection is not just simply installed. It has to be individually coordinated based on the system that is to be protected and the ambient conditions that are prevalent on site.

Surge Protection & Solar Systems

Components such as Solar panels, Inverters, batteries, MPPTs and cables are all exposed to lightning and surge transients and therefore need to be protected against this phenomena.|
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