Commercial solar installation project at a multi-use office park

Our edge in the market is in providing reliable equipment designed to maximise energy production and efficiency.

We use the latest technology to ensure that our systems are reliable and long-lasting, and we back this technology up with superior customer service.

Our teams are qualified and undergo ongoing training and development in their various fields of expertise.

Below is a breakdown of a recent commercial solar installation project.

Client Description

  • The client, based in KwaZulu-Natal, owns a multi-usage shared office block with attached mini-factories.

Client Brief

  • Save as much on energy costs as possible (as much as the roof space would allow) and within the council’s sizing approval.
  • Integrate a generator into the solar system.
  • The solar panels must be installed flat on the building’s roof to mitigate the risks of wind.

Our work

  • We met with the client to discuss their requirements so that we could draft a project proposal for them.
  • We conducted energy metering to confirm load profiles to provide the correct solution to the client.
  • On discussion and agreement of the proposal we:
    • Implemented a power factor correction solution
    • Installed 410 x 545W JA Solar Panels and 200kW of Solar Edge inverters and integrated these into the generator through a generator control, all supplied by Herholdts. Drensky Technologies is a certified master installer of Herholdts solar products.
    • The installation was completed over six weeks. The rooftop installation was completed over weekends so that we did not interfere with the day-to-day operations of the tenants. The entire installation only took a total of 12 man-days to complete.

The Results

This commercial solar installation project was completed in July 2023.

The client has already experienced upwards of 40% savings on their energy costs.

The savings to date when reviewed month on month are within 5% of the savings predicted in our design and the proposal presented to the client.

We helped the client in three ways

  1. Savings on energy costs.
  2. Reduction in kVA energy demand.
  3. We provided a long-term solution that’s scalable for future requirements.

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