Solar Panels & Solar Inverters

As a solar company, Drensky prides itself on discussing and assessing our client’s solar power requirements in order to provide a complete workable and reliable solution.

We have been involved in implementing solar solutions for our clients since 2016, including various size commercial and residential projects around South Africa.

Our solar equipment is of the highest quality, matching our installation standards. Our solar panel and solar inverter installations comply with all local and national regulations.

We offer a full after-sales and maintenance service to ensure that the systems that we have installed remain in good working order for the full expected life of the equipment.

Financing options are available.

The types of Solar Installations available are :

  1. Grid Tied
  2. Hybrid
  3. Off Grid
  4. Variations of the above with generator and battery backup

We supply and install market-leading solar power products

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Solar Panels

As well as other Tier 1 solar brands

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Solar Inverters

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