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Power Conditioning

Power conditioners improve the quality of power being delivered to an electrical device by ensuring that voltage which is at the correct level and has the correct characteristics is being used to enable load equipment to function properly. Power conditioners also protect equipment against power surges, by shutting off the main power source, and electromagnetic (EMI) and radio-frequency (RFI) interference.

Our single or three phase POWER CONDITIONER – HIGH CURRENT units combine both surge/transient suppression and EMI/RFI filtration to protect against interference and come standard with circuit breakers. The unit is supplied in a wall-mountable housing with a hinged, lockable door. These modular units are fully serviceable and are available with either 40kA or 100kA suppression modules on the primary side. These units are ideal for the protection of high cost equipment, for example CAT scanners, MRI scanners, computer rooms and process controls.

heavy-duty-power-conditioner-surge-protection-panelsDrensky Technologies supplies Power Conditioners.

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