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Drensky Technologies provides a complete solution from design to installation and after-sales service for your industrial wireless requirements. Using the complete range of superior and trusted wireless devices from Phoenix Contact, we provide free on-site assessment and testing using our specially designed wireless test kits.

Trusted Wireless is a wireless technology which has been developed especially for industrial use. It is particularly suitable for the transmission of sensor/actuator information without a cable infrastructure or for the transmission of small to medium data amounts – even over large distances ranging from a few hundred meters to several kilometres.

The main features of Trusted Wireless are:

    • Rugged communication thanks to FHSS
    • Automatic and manual coexistence mechanisms
    • Secure communication, thanks to 128 bit AES encryption and authentication
    • Long range thanks to high receiver sensitivity and variable data transmission rates
    • Flexible networks with automatic connection management
    • Distributed network maintenance makes things easier and faster
    • Extensive diagnostic properties
    • Adaptable to the desired application

In the 2.4 GHz band, Trusted Wireless uses a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) with up to 440 possible individual frequencies, with the devices using a selection of up to 127 channels.

The number of frequencies used within the pseudo-random hopping pattern depends on further settings and mechanisms such as the exclusion of certain frequency ranges (black-listing) for co-existence management of several frequencies, or the use of several frequency groups (RF bands) to optimize the parallel.

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Drensky Technologies supplies Industrial Wireless Systems.

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